Here, we care deeply about the challenge.

Then, we take ice coffee & get things done.

Product language that we bash

"This is the idea,can't you just design it? Research will take time..."

"Add this paragragh, the more the content the more its understandable..."

"So you're a product designer? Please make this pop. Give it some joos..."

"I know what the user wants, no need for testing, just launch the app..."

"Just follow the manager's instruction, your design process seems like you're over complicating the matter..."

"Let's do freemium, we'll figure out the financials later..."

"OMG just thought of something really cool. Add this feature, I promise its the next big thing..."

"Trust me, its a simple idea.. just uber but for cocktails..."

"We only have a budget for developers, we don't need a designer quite yet...ˀ"

Are you a company & you need...

A product re-thought using UX principles?

A UX masterclass for your team maybe?